Below are eight pieces from a vault of thousands:

'Turkey has hijacked the fight against Islamic State'

Channel 4 News, 31 July 2015

The Kurdish YPG were hailed heroes in the fight against Islamic State. But one Brit who fought alongside them says that Turkey's crackdown on Kurdish separatists will put their entire mission at risk.

US resumes military aid programme with Bahrain
The Independent, 30 June 2015
America is resuming its military aid programme with Bahrain - suspended in 2011 amid concerns over human rights - as fears grow that the small Gulf state could be the next target of a terrorist attack.

Could Isis really have its own airforce?
Channel 4 News, 7 November 2014
Sunni pilots are supposedly defecting from the Iraqi army, claiming allegiance to Islamic State (IS) and teaching their members how to fly captured Syrian jets, observers say. But how real is the prospect of an IS air force?

It's time to break the second amendment's stranglehold over America

The Independent, 18 December 2012

How much more slaughter of children by those with easy-access to semi automatic assault weapons will it take before these myths of gun ownership are finally attacked? 

9/11: Ordinary lives, once

The Independent on Sunday, 11 September 2011

They were just horrified bystanders, like the rest of us, as the planes struck. But the ever-widening ripples in the aftermath were to change them forever. By Kunal Dutta

Exclusive: Merchant ships will be armed to tackle piracy threat

The Independent on Sunday, 19 June 2011

The front-runner for Britain's top police job has ridiculed David Cameron's decision to take on an American "Supercop" as an adviser on policing and gangs in the wake of the riots.

Mumbai terror attacks: We're all Mumbaikers now

Intelligent Life Magazine, 17 April 2011

"Most British Asian journalists thrive on their dual-identity. But if I’m honest, I have struggled with mine", writes Kunal Dutta. In light of the terrorist attacks last week, he reflects on visits to Mumbai over three very different decades...

The challenge for Dubai

The Economist, 5 November 2008

Even in the holy month of Ramadan, Dubai does not indulge in too much soulful contemplation. For while the world stews over the economic crisis, Dubai works to its own rules: build it and they will come.