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General Election 2015: Tories will give Britain a job 'for everyone who wants one' by 2020, says David Cameron

The Independent, 31 March 2015

Britain under the Conservatives will have the highest employment rate in the developed world and a job “for everyone who wants one” by 2020, David Cameron has said.

Is the spotlight fading on Ed Miliband's leadership?
Channel 4 News, 7 November 2014
Labour appears to have sleepwalked into a leadership crisis. But how likely are claims of a new leader to replace him before the 2015 general election? And who might replace him?

How Max Clifford wilted under the spotlight of his own publicity

Channel 4 News, 2 May 2014

Max Clifford was the go-to publicist for some of the world's most famous celebrities. But he lost control when he became the centre of the story, writes Kunal Dutta.

Without a change in the law there'll be another Saville

The Independent, 4 November 2013

Teachers, doctors and social workers who fail to report concerns over suspected cases of child abuse should face criminal charges, one of Britain’s most senior barristers has said. 

Iraq war protests: Ten years after we marched

Channel 4 News, 15 February 2013

Ten years ago today, London witnessed a huge demonstration against the imminent invasion of Iraq. Channel 4 News speaks to four people who attended the protest.

Exclusive: Prime Minister's plan to import US adviser angers police chiefs

The Independent on Sunday, 14 August 2012

The front-runner for Britain's top police job has ridiculed David Cameron's decision to take on an American "Supercop" as an adviser on policing and gangs in the wake of the riots.

Immigration: the bigger picture

The Independent on Sunday, 17 April 2011

While the politicians try to score points on the subject, those involved just get on with it. Kunal Dutta and Jane Merrick investigate the reality of the immigrant experience, while eight newcomers tell their stories.

America's Election: London Part I

Intelligent Life Magazine, 5 November 2008

"The evening had a pure sense of occasion about it", reports Kunal Dutta, who attended quite a few election-night parties in London. He describes a mix of guarded optimism, crossed fingers and Sarah Palin transvestites ...